Simple ways to increase storage on your iPhone

From trying to update to the latest operating systems to trying to take a picture, it's bound to happen-you run out of space.

Outside of buying a new device for more gigs, here's a few simple tips to help add to the storage you already have on an iPhone:

First up, take a look at your apps and delete the ones you can do without. You can check just how much storage each app is using by going to Settings, General, Usage, and Manage Storage.

Next, take a look at your photos.

"Going back and deleting those apps that you don't use anymore can help," said Daryn O'Shea, owner of The Computer Cellar in Durham which specialized in Apple product repairs.

O'Shea says turning off the 'My Photo Stream' button under the photo settings will stop your devices from sharing pictures between each other. Then, at the bottom of the photos settings, turning off the 'keep normal photo' button will set your device to only keep one version of the pictures you take.

"You only want to keep the HDR if possible so its only keeping one copy of the photo," said O'Shea.

Deleting text messages can also help with storage. O'Shea says setting your phone to automatically delete messages every 30 days or yearly.

Deleting any iBooks you are done with and deleting music stored on the device can help free up storage. If you still need music, O'Shea says streaming apps can be more efficient.

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