Where's the cheapest place to do your Thanksgiving shopping?

How much do you spend on Thanksgiving dinner?

According to LendEDU.com, the average American will spend about $97.55 on food, drinks, and decorations for Thanksgiving in 2017.

With that number in mind, ABC11 headed out to do some price comparison shopping at half a dozen local stores for some traditional Thanksgiving items to see who came out the lowest.

We shopped for 14 items including, frozen turkey, boxed of stuffing, a jar of gravy, canned cranberry sauce, fresh potatoes, green beans, rolls, pies, and a few bottles of North Carolina wine.

Here's how the stores stacked up:

Whole Foods: $123.26

Harris Teeter: $98.24

Lowes Foods: $83.93

Food Lion: $78.09

Target: $72.46

Walmart: $60.93

None of this price comparison shopping involved coupons or loyalty/rewards cards which can take the totals down much lower.
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