Your cell phone could hold rewards to save

A little over a year ago, Verizon rolled out a Smart Rewards program allowing customers to save big on four categories: travel, merchandise, gift cards, and local deals.

"There's lots of buy one get one free offers, a lot of 50% off offers," explained Verizon Business Sales Manager Armin Asady.

"You can use it for travel, you get up to 40% off for travel," Asady said.

"I think hotels across the country there are about 2,000 destinations you can look into, and for merchandise, there's over 4,000 brand name merchandise options you can select with up to 40% off," he said. "Now, we're getting into the holiday season you can use it for gift cards-10% off gift cards at over 150 stores."

To enroll, you log onto your My Verizon Account and click on the Smart Rewards Program. Customers automatically earn 10,000 points for enrolling and points are immediately added for years of loyalty.

"If you didn't sign up in the past and you've been a Verizon subscriber for years, you're going to be credited for years you've been a subscriber," Asady said. "You might log on and instantly have over 80,000 points."

There is also a deal of the day each day at 2 p.m. where Smart Rewards members can snag up to 80% savings on a limited number brand name hot item of the day.

For more information on the Verizon Smart Rewards Program click HERE.

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