MoneySaver: 5 tips to save on shipping for the holidays

Shipping costs can quickly add up when shopping online, but, shopping expert Kendal Perez from CouponSherpa.Com says there are 5 quick tips to help you save when it comes to shipping costs.

First up, know retailers' deadlines.

"There's actually a blog post on a website called," Perez said. "That details all of the shipping deadlines for popular retailers, over 60, in fact if you go to their blog post."

And, about a week before Christmas, shoppers can take advantage of National Free Shipping Day. This year, it is Dec. 18.

How you pay can also help you save with credit cards and online payment sites offering shipping perks and benefits.

"Paypal announced earlier this season they're offering free return shipping when you order through their platform," Perez said.

"American Express card holders actually get a free membership to Visa card holders, if they use Visa Checkout when they're shopping online, can get free 2-day shipping on Lands' End as well as $20 off a few other retailers," she said.

Perez also says to take advantage of trial memberships into shopping sites with free 2 day shipping such as AmazonPrime or Shoprunner.Com.

"So, you can sign up for one of those free trial memberships and take advantage of those savings," she said. "Just be sure you note when you sign up because you don't want to have to pay for the memberships once the trials end."

The final tip to save is to see whether your item has in-store pickup as an option.

"Stores like Target, Kohl's, Sears, Home Depot, they offer free ship-to-store which means you can place an order in store and pick it up in store sometimes just a few hours after you place your order," Perez said.

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