Get the skinny on shapewear for men

Products to help your waistline look slim and trim under your clothes isn't just something ladies want. Guys have a lot of options to help make it happen, too.

We are talking about shapewear, how much it costs and if it really works.

Many women know the brand name Spanx, but it's not something a lot of people know is available for men.

PHOTOS: The skinny on men's shapewear

At Dillard's, some of the men's options include compression t-shirts and high-waisted boxer briefs.

The products are somewhat pricey, with the boxer briefs selling for $48 and the compression tee for $78.

Eyewitness News Web Producer Brandon De Hoyos tested the t-shirt that promises to define the waist.

It's something Brandon says was worth the price. He was amazed at the instant change he saw in the mirror and say the shapewear even helped his posture, making him feel taller.

For those looking to stretch their dollar, Patricia found some online options with good reviews.

Amazon has the Roc Bodywear Men's Slimming Compression shirt and Body Shaper for $24.95.

The website 2xist has a Men's Shapewear Form Boxer Brief for $28.

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