Mother, daughter killed after minivan plunges into Monroe quarry

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
image courtesy WSOC

MONROE, N.C. -- A mother and daughter from Marshville died when their minivan plunged into an old rock quarry in Monroe, WSOC reports.

Crews were able to pull the minivan onto the road after hours of searching and trying to secure tow hooks to a minivan.

The vehicle plunged about 90 feet to the bottom of the quarry.

Officials found the body of Draya Rape inside the van. They found the body of her mother, Gwen Mullis, Sunday afternoon. The two women lived together in Marshville.

Authorities don't know when or why the van went off the road into the quarry but believe it may have happened early Saturday.

As of now, they can't say for sure if it was an accident.

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