WATCH: Cyclists, vehicle have close call in Orange County

HILLSBOROUGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A group of cyclists in Orange County had a close call Thursday with a vehicle that decided to pass at an inopportune moment.

It was captured on video by one of the cyclists.

It happened on Dairyland Road going west, just past Mapleview Farm Agricultural Center in Hillsborough.

In the video, an SUV went to pass the riders on the two-lane road, but quickly and mysteriously swerves and stops on the grassy shoulder of the oncoming lane.

Seconds later, it becomes apparent why the SUV yielded the road as a large dump truck comes steaming the other way, horn blaring.

Fortunately for all involved, what could have been a gruesome head-on collision was avoided.

"Glad they went left," said cyclist Mike Doub, who captured the video.
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