NAACP asks officials for extended polling hours

Monday, November 7, 2016
NAACP holds 'Get Out the Vote' event in Fayetteville
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The NAACP is trying to make sure minorities can get to the polls to vote

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- With less than 24 hours until Election Day, it's a desperate push to get minorities to the polls and to make sure everyone has enough time and access.

The North Carolina NAACP is asking the State Board of Elections to extend the polling hours. But if that request is not granted, NC NAACP president Reverend William Barber is challenging the minority community to do what it takes to cast their vote.

The NAACP stopped in Fayetteville as part of their last leg of the "Get Out the Vote" tour. Leaders say Fayetteville was particularly important on their list of cities because of the devastation that Hurricane Matthew left behind.

With hundreds displaced and many in shelters, the NAACP said that those affected by Matthew may be discouraged when it comes to casting their ballot.

"Floods came through here and we're fighting to get extra hours. But even if we don't succeed, stand in line. Remember that people were lynched for this right, beaten for this right, so do not allow any intimidation interference turn you around," said Barber.

The NC NAACP is awaiting a response from the State Board of Elections. If the deadline isn't extended, the group says they will consider other challenge options after the election.

There was another tour stop at 6 p.m. in Durham.

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