4 inmates in custody, 1 wanted after escape at Nash County Detention Center

NASHVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Nash County Sheriff's Office is actively searching for one inmate who escaped from the Nash County Detention Center on Monday night.

David Viverette, 28, and Raheem Horne, 25, two of the inmates who escaped, were taken into custody late Monday night at the Hal Orr's Inn.

Keonte Daeman Murphy, 23, and David Anthony Ruffin, 30, were captured early Tuesday morning.

Deputies are still trying to locate 22-year-old Laquaris Battle.

During a press conference Monday night, Sheriff Keith Stone said it's possible that the five men had an accomplice on the outside who came and picked them up.

On Tuesday morning, officials with the Hal Orr's Inn confirmed that a woman paid for a room that the inmates used Sunday and Monday.

Sheriff Stone said the inmates were in an area similar to an exercise yard, where there is not a physical officer monitoring, but rather a camera, and the men found a blind spot.

They escaped by pulling the wiring apart on the fence, hopping two gates and then breaking free.

He said the wiring on the fence had work done to it recently.

"Some of these individuals probably saw it being worked on before," Sheriff Stone said. "They're playing basketball, they're playing hand ball, they're bouncing up against it from time to time and it's just something you notice."

A witness told ABC11 what she saw after the escape.

"I was on the way from the grocery store," said Miranda Peele. "As I'm coming down the road, Nash County sheriff comes flying past me with lights on. I was like, 'what's going on?'" As soon as I pulled up in the yard there's a Nash County Sheriff with a gun in his hand...They're like, 'have you seen five guys in orange jumpsuits?'"

The public is warned to lock cars and homes. He said the FBI and United States Marshall's Service have been called in to assist.
"If you see something, notify us immediately," Sheriff Stone said. "Lock your cars, lock your doors and if you see anything out of the way or you see a strange person walking around notify us immediately.

Those with any information on the whereabouts of Battle should call (252) 459-1510.

The Nash County Sheriff's Office is offering a $1,500 reward for information leading to Battle's capture.
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