Harnett County deputies shut down gym operating during COVID-19 pandemic despite stay-at-home order

HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Harnett County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation after receiving several complaints that a local gym was open for business. Investigators said they went to verify if the complaints were accurate, but the business was closed.

On Wednesday morning, more than a dozen cars filled the Gainz Train parking lot.

Gainz Train is a private membership gym in Harnett County that also sells supplements. ABC11 captured video of potential clients walking inside, carrying water bottles and gym bags as more cars pulled into the parking lot.

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The Harnett County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said that while news crews were on the scene, a undercover officer was inside the gym shutting the Gainz Train down. Moments later, ABC11 captured video of people in gym clothes walking out of the building.

Tuesday night, ABC11 called the gym and the person who answered said they were open for business and only allowing 50 people in at time. The person who answered the phone also said they were selling two-week memberships to people who are members of other gyms that closed.

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ABC11 did speak with a man who claimed to be the owner of the business, but he refused to comment on why they have been operating the past few weeks.

Harnett County Sheriff's Office said most people in the area are complying with Gov. Roy Cooper's stay-at-home order. If the gym reopens for business, the owner will be issued a citation.

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