Raleigh hair salon gives hair color kits while taking donations for charity

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh hair salon Blo is giving back while shutdown. The salon is giving away free hair color to existing clients while suggesting a donation for the nonprofit No Kid Hungry NC.

"It's just part of our values, you know. We've got inventory here that we're not using. We've got a lot of staff that are home that do a cut-a-thon every year that got interrupted," said Bryan Nunes, Blo salon owner. "It's a 24-hour cut-a-thon that we put on every year and it got canceled. And so the overwhelming response that we got from this was incredible. So, we decided to just add a suggested donation."

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The donations began pouring in as Blo suggested $20 while clients pick up their kit, many giving much more to the cause.

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"We've raised almost $2,000 in two days," Nunes said. "We've got four more days to go and likely if everybody gives a Jackson at least, we'll raise over $10,000 for needy, North Carolina children."

Nunes said the ability to give back is a bright spot for his employees and industry who have been hit hard by the shutdown.

"I just want to give some love to my industry," Nunes said, holding back tears. "It's been, whoo. I'm getting emotional. It's been crazy. We've got 46 employees that they went from a ton of income to zero and their health insurance is at risk. We need to get back to work."
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