Two-thirds of rides at NC State Fair still need to pass inspection by Thursday

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- COVID-19 safety protocols are a top priority at the state fair but ride safety is also at the top of the list.

Ride inspectors with the N.C. Department of Labor are inspecting 95 rides at the state fair this year.

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"We're inside, outside, under the ride, on top of the ride, our guys covered around as much as humanly possible," Tommy Petty, one of the ride inspectors, said. "You look at every nut, bolt, screw, and washer, anything it has to do with that ride being in the air and staying in the air. Seatbelts, restraints, you have a lot of moving parts especially on new rides."

Inspectors have been at the fairgrounds for the last two weeks.

Petty says, so far, one-third of the rides passed inspection which certifies the ride meets the manufacturer's specifications 100 percent.

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"Ride operators have to go through their training," Petty said. "We check the training record, we check the maintenance records of every ride out here to make sure it's been properly maintained per manufacturer."

Once the ride is certified and open to the public, ride operators must do safety checks daily to make sure it's operating properly.

Petty also says inspectors during the fair continue patrolling the midway and will investigate a ride if they hear a noise or see something that doesn't seem right.

Of the two-thirds of rides that haven't passed, many of them have not yet been inspected, Some rides are still being set up or just arriving at the Fairgrounds, They will receive an inspection once they are set up and ready to operate.
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