Search Warrants: 8 NC State students receive threatening emails

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Eight N.C. State students have received threatening emails, according to a search warrant.

The person responsible has not been arrested but could face charges of using electronic mail or communication to threaten or extort.

"The fact they received death threats is concerning to me," said Megan Polzi, a Ph.D. student.

"It's obviously a concern because I am an N.C. State student but it hasn't targeted me specifically and I hope it doesn't target anybody else," said Ryan Jackson.

The search warrant said someone emailed the students on Oct. 7 and said they were going to kill them by poison, gunshot or whatever means possible.

The emailer also threatened to hurt their family members if any of the students accepted offers from Nvidia, a tech company with an office in Durham, according to the warrant, which said the emailer hacked the students and got information about them.

The warrant requested that Google provide all information about the person using the email address:

N.C. State said no students reported being harmed and an investigation is still underway.

Freshman Samantha Argenio said the threats only affected a small number of N.C. State's 30,000 students.

"That's why we have an N.C. State Police force that takes care of that kind of stuff," Argenio said. "That's their job to specifically make sure we're safe. I still feel I'm in good hands. I still feel I'm safe at the university."

But some students expressed concerns because they weren't notified about the threats.

"For this instance particularly, I wasn't aware of it so I think that it could be made more public and brought to students' awareness more," said N.C. State Grad student Katie McCance. "I'm glad I wasn't a victim of this particular instance but I think it should be something that people are more aware of."

"I'm going into IT and that's the number one rule of IT, you have to let the clients know if there's any data breaches at all, that's the number one thing," said Noah Raymond, an N.C. State Student.

Nvidia is not commenting on the incident.
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