NCAE renews goal in funding fight

Elaina Athans Image
Monday, August 27, 2018

The new school year is bringing a renewed goal for the North Carolina Association of Educators.

It was just three months ago that dozens of school districts canceled classes for the day and an estimated 30,000 people flocked to downtown Raleigh for the Rally for Respect March.

The NCAE is not ruling out another massive protest for the new school year.

"The General Assembly had made priorities to invest in corporate boardrooms instead of public classrooms," said NCAE President Mark Jewell.

He estimated teachers are spending anywhere from $300 to $1,000 on school supplies.

"We are still seven percent behind per pupil funding where we were prior to the recession," said Jewell.

The NCAE said it's focusing on the November ballot.

"The rally was not just a one day moment. It was a movement," said Jewell. "We're obviously working our communities to make sure that they are registered to vote. We know that in order to change policy, we have to change the policy makers."