Neighbors rescue woman trapped on second story of burning home

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. -- Two good Samaritans came to the rescue of a woman who was trapped on the second floor of her burning West Virginia home, and their rescue efforts were caught on camera.

The men were driving down the 200 block of Fairview Avenue in Clarksburg on March 26 when they passed the woman, who had crawled out onto the roof of her covered porch as smoke billowed out of the window behind her. A doorbell camera from a home across the street captured the two men as they retrieved a ladder, allowing the woman to climb down from the roof to safety.

Kyle Jenkins, who uploaded the doorbell camera footage to Facebook, said the Clarksburg Fire Department responded to the fire and managed to extinguish it before flames spread to any adjacent homes.

Darick Hibbs, who identified himself on Facebook as one of the men who brought the ladder, downplayed his actions in a comment on Jenkins' post: "I just want to say there is no thanks needed. I did just what I feel I was put on earth to do, and that's to help people in need. I'm just glad the lady was able to get out!!"

The woman was sleeping inside the home when the fire broke out and was awakened by the smoke alarm, the local firefighters union said, adding that "working smoke detectors and closed bedroom doors save lives."

The woman was evaluated by paramedics but did not require further medical treatment, according to local media reports. At least one dog was killed in the fire and one cat remains missing.
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