New charges for paver banned from operating in NC

CHATHAM COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Tommy Clack is back again, and investigators say he continues to ignore the court order that he's permanently banned from operating in North Carolina.

The convicted paver is facing charges in Wake County for obtaining property under false pretenses and now faces even more charges in Chatham County.

Clack has been the center of several Troubleshooter investigations since 2010.

The Chatham County Sheriff's Office has charged Clack with four counts of felony obtaining property by false pretense and failure to give the right to cancel off-sale premises.

Investigators claimed Clack would approach victims at their homes and offer to repave their driveways for a "good price" due to a surplus of paving material.

Victims claimed Clack would initially agree to a low price and begin work, only to charge hundreds or thousands more than the agreed upon price after completing the job.

Some victims paid while others said they were threatened with court action if they refused. If victims were unhappy with the quality of his paving, Clack purportedly demanded higher payment to fix the issues.

According to the sheriff's office, Clack allegedly used different aliases, including Steve Stewart and Tommy Clark. He also operated under different business names.
Clack is scheduled to appear in Chatham County District Court in Pittsboro on March 4.
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