Coach K snubs Syracuse players in handshake line

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski did not have a good night. After an awful night of shooting, his team lost their third consecutive ACC game to Syracuse, 64-62. It was the second loss in a row for the Blue Devils at home.

Duke shot a measly 27 percent from behind the arc and saw Syracuse forward Tyler Roberson set the record at Cameron for rebounds by a visitor with 20.

Coach K was upset for a lot of the night, but it was in the final minutes of the game where he was irate.

With seven seconds to go and Duke down by 1, Grayson Allen drove into the lane. After missing the shot, teammate Matt Jones got the ball briefly before losing control after Malachi Richardson collided with him. No foul was called, much to the displeasure of Coach K.

While addressing the media after the game, Krzyzewski used the word "amazing" numerous times to show his displeasure.

"The last play is amazing," he said. "Well, you go see it. The last play is literally ... amazing."

At one point he says, "God bless America, it was a..." before trailing off and shaking his head.

During the postgame handshakes, Krzyzewski skipped about half of the Syracuse team.

Before leaving the court, Krzyzewski also had some words for an official at the scoring table.

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