Unhappy with Jiffy Lube, motorist turns to Troubleshooter

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Troubleshooter Diane Wilson helps repair work get fulfilled for a Raleigh motorist.

When you get your car repaired, you expect the repair to last. That's why Detrius Jones was frustrated after she had the same problem just months later.

Jones went to a Raleigh Jiffy Lube on Nov. 1, 2015, to get one of her low-beam lights replaced. The new bulb cost her $24.24.

"Everything was fine until this June and the light went out again," Jones said.

That's when Jones contacted Jiffy Lube to find out what was going on. Jones said a rep with Jiffy Lube gave her two possible explanations for her light going out again, and she followed up at a local dealership.

While at the dealership, Jones said she was told by the service rep, "The dust cap was missing and that caused corrosion to the pigtail and the connector wire, so I needed to have that replaced along with another bulb."

Detrius Jones, left, was happy with the quick resolution.

Jones said she, along with the dealership, talked with Jiffy Lube and explained that not having the dust cap on caused the bulb to burn out sooner than it should.

Since there was no problem with the dust cap before getting the repair at Jiffy Lube, Jones asked that Jiffy Lube pay for the repairs and reimburse her for the bulb. She says her claim was denied by the Jiffy Lube franchise owner, saying that it was a problem with her vehicle type.

After researching to find that there was no problem with her vehicle type, Jones reached out to me with her problem. She said, "I was a little bewildered."

I got in touch with the Team Lucor of Jiffy Lube and their customer service manager said in part that when their customer service representative spoke with the rep at the dealership they were told the headlight dust cover was off, but that the dealer could not determine the cause of failure.

They also added, the dealership rep told their representative the wiring failure could be caused by wear and tear. Based on this information and the vehicle being driven 13,790 miles since the bulb installation on Nov. 1, Jiffy Lube denied liability for the repairs to the headlight wiring pigtail connector.

He added that a review of the file indicates that after the conversation on July 6, their office received a copy of the dealership repair order which states "technician found pigtail connector corroded causing bulb to burn out - due to dust cap missing." He said this information was different than the verbal diagnosis given by the dealership on July 6.

Based on the new information and on a customer service basis, Team Lucor was willing to pay for the headlight wiring repaired by the dealership which totaled $102.62.

The rep adds, "On behalf of everyone at Jiffy Lube, I apologize that Ms. Jones was not completely satisfied with her service. We service over 50,000 vehicles nationwide on a weekly basis and strive to give every customer the quality service they expect and deserve. We regret that her service experience was less than exceptional.

"I sincerely hope that Ms. Jones will continue to visit Jiffy Lube for her future automobile preventative maintenance services. We take great pride in our service centers and wish to keep valued customers."

Jones was very happy to get her money. "I'm very elated because I didn't think it would happen that fast, I didn't think it would happen at all, I really appreciate it," she said.

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