3 -year-old child drowns in Clayton pool

CLAYTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- A three-year-old boy drowned Thursday evening in Clayton at a private neighborhood pool.

It happened on Middleton Street in the Lionsgate Athletic Club around 6 p.m.

Officials said paramedics worked on the child for an hour, but they were unsuccessful.

A spokesperson told our crew that everything that could have been done for the child in an emergency room was done on the scene.

The family was obviously upset, and it was also a tough situation for emergency workers.

"Anytime dealing with a child, that's something significant. We have concerns, and it does hit home with us," said Johnston County EMS Capt. David Dolan. "Some of us have family and children at home. Once we get everybody back together, we're going to sit down as a group and go over the call and see if there are any emotional needs that need to be taken care of as far as our own people."

The boy's identity has not been released.

"The Lionsgate community is a tightknit family community, and we are heartbroken at this tragedy," said Scott Hammond, aquatics director for the group of community pools that includes LionsGate in a statement released to the media. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the boy's family."

"The LionsGate pool will be closed on Friday as we join the family in mourning this terrible loss," Hammond continued.

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