Aggressive fox caught in Raleigh after biting at least one person

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Authorities in Raleigh have tracked down an aggressive fox that they believe bit a woman and a child's shoe Tuesday morning.

Raleigh Police Department officers and animal control personnel spent most of the day in the 1400 block of Courtland Drive and the surrounding area looking for the animal.

A jogger also reported being chased by the fox in the same block of Courtland Drive where the woman was bitten.

The fox also chased a group of young kids. Their mother said the boys ran inside her house terrified.

"They were outside and playing earlier and it came and ran towards them," said Tara Thompson. "They were trying to get into the house."

Police said a child was attacked by the fox in the 1400 block of Wake Forest Road, but was not injured.

The fox will be transported for testing to determine if it is rabid.

"While the fox's capture reduces the imminent concern for the area, residents are asked to remain on the alert over the coming days in case other aggressive and potentially diseased animals are nearby," said a Raleigh Police Department statement.

Any concerns about animals in Raleigh should be reported by calling (919) 831-6311.

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