Animals rescued from alleged neglect in Chatham County placed in shelters

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Some of the over 150 animals rescued from alleged neglect at a farm in Chatham County last month are soon to be up for adoption at local shelters.

Dozens have been dropped off by the Humane Society at shelters in the Triangle and at shelters in other states.

Safe Haven for Cats has taken in 34 cats. The SPCA of Wake County took in 34.

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The animals at the SPCA of Wake County have to be seen by a veterinarian, vaccinated, and get spayed or neutered before they can make it to the adoption floor, according to spokesperson Darci VanderSlik.

She said seeing the animals come in from cases like this one is upsetting, but she hopes the animals will be ready for adoption in two weeks.

"When we see animals come in like this it's heartbreaking. It's always heartbreaking. We never get used to seeing this," VanderSlik said. "We see the pain and the stress in their eyes and there's no getting around that."

The animals from seized from the Chatham County farm are being placed in shelters across North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland, according to Kim Alboum, director of the Emergency Placement Partner program at the Humane Society.

The other organizations taking in animals in North Carolina include: Red Dog Farm, Horse Helpers of the High Country, and Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

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