Fayetteville burn victim inspires with his attitude

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- To 8-year-old Tavares Hollingsworth, his prosthetic leg and scars are his badges of courage.

"I am brave, and they gave me a cape. It's in my Grandma's room - a T-Man Cape," he told ABC11 Friday.

To his mother, Tavares is a miracle.

"His spirit is just like nothing happened to him. He is not sad. His disability hasn't stopped him at all," explained Shericka Creighton.

Tavares was burned over 65 per cent of his body in a fire that destroyed the family home last December.

"I remember I woke up and saw smoke and fire and calling for my mom," said Tavares.

"That was the worst thing ever to look at the burning house and know your child is in there, and all you can do is watch it go up in flames with him inside," said his mother.

Firefighters found Tavares on a hall floor. He was rushed to the Jaycee burn center in Chapel Hill with severe third-degree burns. What followed was months of skin grafts, surgeries, and physical rehabilitation.

Tavares told us it was hard work, but he amazed his doctors and his mom.

"He has made it easier for all of us, to deal with it, easier for us to deal with it," she said.

In February, with tears and hugs, Shericka thanked firefighters for rescuing her son and saving his life.

And the scars haven't slowed Tavares down one bit. He's still all boy who will show you his scars and new leg, not with shame, but with the pride of a survivor.

"I see Tavares. I see no scars. None of that matters. He is still my son," said his mother.

A super hero the likes of the Avengers.

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