Exclusive: Campbell University student robbed at gunpoint tells emotional story

BUIES CREEK, N.C. (WTVD) -- One of four Campbell University students who was robbed at gunpoint this week breaks her silence to ABC11.

"Every time I close my eyes, I relive that moment," the female student cried.

For the purpose of this interview, and because the investigation may involve other suspects, the student will be referred to as "Jane."

Jane was with a friend in the friend's off-campus apartment Monday night when she said a masked man armed with a shotgun burst through the unlocked front door.

"He was saying 'Where's the s---? Where's the s---,'"said Jane. "We did not know what he wanted. He didn't want our cell phones until we tried dialing 911. Threats were made. The gun was loaded as soon as he came in. He loaded it right in front of us. Threats were made to us. We did not actually think we were going to make it out alive."

Two other students would report a similar scenario that authorities said happened hours apart Monday night. The incidents occurred in students' homes along Gregory Circle and Linsey Court beginning around 8 p.m.

Harnett County authorities would locate and arrest a Rocky Mount man nearly 11 hours after the first burglary and robbery. Trevon Rice, 19, faces a number of charges related to the hold-ups, including second-degree kidnapping. Sources say he tried to force at least one of the victims to an ATM.

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Authorities received a tip just hours before the arrest that Rice was in the backseat of a white Acura. He was accompanied by a male and female.

Rice was found on Main Street in Buies Creek, and authorities located a mask, white glove, and gun in a residence there that students say is on-campus. Authorities have not confirmed the exact address, but are investigating whether the male or female are Campbell University students. Rice is not.

The unknowns surrounding whoever was in the car with Rice, and why the car was parked on campus Wednesday morning, are unsettling for Jane.

"They might be in my classes, and I don't know," she said. "They might know my name. They might know what I look like, [have] a picture of me, and I don't know and Campbell won't even tell me that I'm safe. Tell me that these people are still around."

The incidents occurred in off-campus student housing, within a mile radius of the campus. On Monday night, Harnett authorities blocked off the neighborhoods as they searched for Rice. Jane said because the incidents involved four university students, she felt they should have been more proactive in reaching out to the victims.

"I'm very hurt," she said. "Campbell thrives on being such a good, Christian community who is so close and yet I have not even been offered a single thing of help or even an apology, asking how I am...Nothing."

Dr. Dennis Bazemore, Vice President for Student Life, said Wednesday that the university made plans to contact the victims, and offer support earlier this week.

"We discussed that yesterday [Tuesday] and assigned a staff member to reach out to those students," said Bazemore. "That should have happened."

Bazemore made note, and said Jane would be contacted.

Rice is being held under an $800,000 bond. He's scheduled to appear in court next month.

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