Cars broken into at Wake County parks

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- There's a warning for people who like to enjoy our local parks.

Several vehicles were broken into on Sunday at Lake Johnson and Umstead State Park in Raleigh. Police said the thief smashed car windows to take what they wanted.

A couple of the victims told ABC11 they did secure their items in the car, but did so once they arrived and in plain sight.

"My checkbook was in there. My license was in there. Someone can easily use that information," said one victim, who is a senior at NC State, but did not want to give her name.

The student is now going through the agonizing process of canceling cards, ordering new ones, and doing what she can to protect her identity. Someone broke into her SUV at Lake Johnson and everything she has in her purse was snatched.

"There was just scattered glass on the ground and my windows half scattered and it was upsetting," said the victim. "Someone had to have been watching."

The student is one of several people robbed Sunday. Four others were hit at Lake Johnson and others at Umstead.

Another victim says she was gone just three minutes before her car window was smashed. She started out on hike, went back to the car after she forgot something, and saw her window was broken.

Police believe all of the cases are related. They're now urging everyone to secure their belongings before they head out to a park to enjoy the spring weather.

"It's a very secluded area so it wouldn't surprise me that people are lurking which is unfortunate," said Raleigh resident Jennifer Hakeren.

There have been no arrests so far.

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