Cary car theft caught on camera

CARY, NC (WTVD) -- More than a dozen car break-ins have been reported in two Cary neighborhoods and one of the crimes was all caught on camera.

The Bailis family has surveillance videos outside of their house and the camera was rolling around 2:40 Friday morning when a man allegedly started stealing from them.

In the surveillance video, you see a man rummaging through a vehicle. He has a flashlight and spends about 10 minutes taking what he wants. At one point, he reaches across the seat to see if there's anything valuable. After he gets all he can, he tosses what appears to a tote bag over his shoulder.

The thief soon realizes that there was camera rolling on him stealing. He turns starts walking towards another vehicle now hiding his face with his hand.

While all this was happening, the Bailis' dogs were barking and trying to get the family's attention.

"None of us woke up last night when the dogs were barking," said Stefan Bailis.

The family checked the video when they got up to why the pets were so rowdy.

"It was just like 'Wow, someone's there. Someone really did come by'," said Bailis.

Two of their cars were broken into and police say it part of a crime spree.

At least 15 cars were hit in Springbrooke and Silver Cliff neighborhoods. They're located off of Cary Parkway. Many of the cars were unlocked and that was the case for at the Bailis' home.

Some change and a few bucks taken. It was a small score for the thief, but the video is a big win for the investigation. The family hopes putting it out will lead to an arrest.

"We can recover from $15 bucks. It's the fact that someone is going through your vehicle, looking at your stuff," said Bailis.

Police are urging folks to lock their car doors at night, so you don't become a target for opportunity.

The department is also asking folks in the community to stay vigilant and if they see something suspicious, to call police.

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