Cary residents say park is taking too long

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Residents in Cary's Cameron Pond neighborhood are upset with the city over the delay of the proposed Cameron Pond Park. The 20-acre park would sit on a lot on the corner of Carpenter Fire Station Road and Highcroft Drive. Several residents of the neighborhood say the park was one of the reasons why they decided to purchase a home in the subdivision.

Residents also say the park was brought up to the city council in sessions several times, but councilmembers never moved forward with the plan.

Plan for the Cameron Pond Park in Cary

The delay has led to the creation of an online petition which is organized by resident Nathaniel Greene.

"I do think this is something our citizens want. I do think it makes sense for the citizens who aren't already serviced by a park in this area," Greene told ABC11. "And I think that this petition and the public outcry -- because of the proposed budget -- is the testament that this is what the citizens of Cary want."

Greene says his first goal for the petition was 100 signatures. When that was reached, he set the next goal at 250 signatures. Once he crossed that mark, he says the new goal is 500. Right now there are around 300 signatures on the petition at

Paolo Roberts moved to Cameron Pond 2 and a half years ago. She says the park was an attractive selling point. "It would be great because we could walk there with our kids. Right now we have to drive to whichever park we go to", she told ABC11. "And we have a bunch of kids in our neighborhood that would benefit from the park."

Doug McRainey is the director for Cary's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Division. He told ABC11 on Friday the city plans to build another park, Morris Branch Park, in a different park of town. When asked, McRainey says the city looks at the service area within a 1-mile radius to determine how many residents would benefit from a proposed park.

For Morris Branch, McRainey says 11,000 residents would be affected, whereas with Cameron Pond Park, that number decreases to 5,000 residents. Plus, Morris Branch Park would cost at least $1 million dollars less to complete. With a yearly budget, McRainey says he has to spend the money as he sees best fit. However, his department works on projects approved by the City Council.

Councilwoman Jennifer Robinson has constituents in Cameron Pond. ABC11 attempted to reach her on Friday, but was told she is on vacation. Councilmembers Lori Bush and Ed Yerha are at-large and weigh in on proposals brought forward by other members of the council. Yerha told ABC11 that the council heavily weighs public comment and demand and there are several sessions coming up where residents can voice their opinion.

Yerha also says the city will be approving a budget later this month and there is still time to make room for a Cameron Park proposal. The Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Division Advisory Board has a meeting scheduled for June 6th at 5:15 p.m. at Town Hall. A portion of the meeting has been set aside for public comment.

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