Crowd honors Chapel Hill victims at fundraiser

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A crowd of more than 400 people came out to honor the victims of the Chapel Hill shooting at a fundraiser on Saturday at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh.

"I think they would have been very honored, humbled to witness this. They used to help out at events like this but I don't think they have ever been commemorated like this," said Yosef Abu-Sahla, the brother of Yusor and Razan. "It helps a lot. I don't know where we'd be without this support to tell you the truth."

Deah Barakat, wife Yusor, and her sister Razan were honored at the annual fundraiser for Al-Iman School. The three went to elementary school there and often came back to volunteer.

"I taught them since they were in middle school," said Al-Iman Principal Mussarut. "We are devastated by this loss, but we are happy because of these children, the whole world knows now what their mission was and what they wanted to do, how they made a difference."

Even after their deaths, the three continue to make a difference. Shirts were sold at the fundraiser, with all of the profits are going to help Syrian refugees. Barakat was raising money for the cause before he was killed.

"I think that they were starting to realize their potential but we know and I think now the world knows, it's sort of like a testimony, what good character can do," said Abu-Sahla.

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