Fayetteville detectives looking into teen's death after he ran into path of a state trooper

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- The search for answers into what led to the death of a Cumberland County teenager continues.

Fayetteville police say 17-year-old Christopher McCray was hit and killed by a state trooper Monday night on the All American Freeway. Now, investigators want to know why he darted into the path of the trooper in the first place.

"Fayetteville police were asked by the State Patrol, based on new information they received, the circumstances that may have transpired prior to McCray entering the travel lane on the All American," said police spokesman Antoine Kincade.

The highway patrol officer was not hurt. Officials say a preliminary investigation showed the patrolman was not to blame.

What is unclear, though, is why did McCray try to cross the four lanes of traffic when the Cliffdale Road overpass was only a few yards away.

"It was 7:45 at night," said Kincade. "The All American is unusable for anybody to try and cross that street."

There is no pedestrian access along the stretch of freeway where McCray tried to cross. Brush and woods are thick on both sides of the entrance and exit ramps.

Where McCray was headed to, or coming from, and why he ran onto the freeway remains a mystery.

It is routine procedure to have homicide investigators involved in any mysterious death incident.

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