Fayetteville residents meet to talk about city's future

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Dozens of Fayetteville residents got the chance to share their thoughts on the place they call home Thursday evening.

"I have been here for 30 years," Berry Bullock said," and it makes me feel like I have got some skin In the game right now."

Bullock was among 60 residents who met and talked about what they think the city's priorities for the future should be, and how well city officials are doing their jobs.

Warren Miller, a consultant and moderator for the meeting, told the group that their views really do count.

"About half say the city is meeting expectations," said Miller. "About a third says it's below your expectations."

Last year, city leaders made fighting crime their top priority, and Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson said it paid off.

"We made some really significant progress this year with a double-digit reduction in the crime rate, and we want to do it again," said Robertson.

On the streets, residents have a lot of different expectations.

"I want the city to not restrict the freedom of speech," said Pastor George Lucas.

"I work in the county, and I see a lot of people that need jobs," said Randi Nunez.

"Obviously, the homeless, and trying to figure out a solution there," said David Davenport.

Those ideas were among six goals city leaders will discuss at a retreat next month. The group's suggestions will play a big part in their discussions as they chart the city's future.

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