Pet owners discover glass-stuffed meatballs in backyard

Two Dallas residents are concerned after finding glass-filled meat in their backyard, right where their dogs could reach it.

No dogs were harmed in the bizarre set of incidences, but the pet owners say they're concerned.

"Why?" Cathi Holtsclaw said of the person responsible. "Why do you want to kill these dogs?"

Holtsclaw told KTVT that at first she thought it might have been an accident or else meant for a bobcat, but then she discovered the meatballs twice, and her next-door neighbor Paul Burkhalter also discovered two meatballs. She said that was enough to convince her it was intentional.

"I feel very confident that it's deliberate now," Holtsclaw told KTVT. "I'm worried my dogs are going to die or someone else's dogs are going to die."

Dallas Police are investigating. Both pet owners said they have heard no complaints from neighbors about their dogs and don't know of a reason why anyone would target them.

"I just get sick to my stomach," Holtzclaw said. "They're my children."

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