Mom haunted by heartbreaking decision after boat capsizes off Corpus Christi coast

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX -- A mother is haunted by the decision she made to leave her daughter and husband after their boat capsized off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas on Sunday.

Audrey Medina's family went out on their boat on the sunny day when strong winds blew in and caused their boat to capsize after they'd decided to return to shore.

Six people were rescued, one 4-year-old boy died, and two family members remain missing.

Audrey says when the boat capsized, it became a life-or-death struggle. She told TV station KRIS, "My mom, my sister, the children, I didn't see them again. I saw them when the boat capsized, after that...nothing."

Audrey was left struggling in the bay with her husband and their two daughters.

She told her husband to keep fighting. Audrey recalled, "(I told him) 'Mario, we have to swim because nobody is going to come for us. Nobody is going to see us.' But he was desperate."

Audrey then made the decision to swim for shore. Audrey and her youngest daughter reached the shore safely. However, Audrey's dealing with the promise she made to her husband and daughter. Audrey said, "I left them both. But I said I will be back in a little while, and help is coming."

The two who remain missing are 13-year-old Odry Leon and her 35-year-old father Mario Leon.

Audrey says they were both wearing life vests and remains hopeful they will be found.

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