Mother's ashes stolen in Cumberland County burglary

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Deborah Delvalle is begging the person who stole her mother's ashes to return them.

"My biggest fear is that whoever got the box took the ashes and didn't know what it was and threw it in the trash can," she said.

Monday afternoon, thieves kicked in a door and ransacked her home. Two laptops, a tablet, and an ornate box that held the ashes were all taken.

"I guess it would look like a child's jewelry box. It had kind of an oriental design with gold inlays in it," Delvalle explained.

Delvalle said she doesn't care about the box or the computers. Her mom died almost three years ago, but she was not able to attend the funeral. The ashes are a keepsake that she wants back with no questions asked.

"Even if it was something like dropping it off in a mailbox or anywhere I don't care, everything else I could care less about I just want that little bag with my mother's ashes in it," she explained.

A former soldier, Delvalle is studying to be a parole officer to help people like the thief or thieves who kicked in her door and broke her heart.

"My prayer for them is that they just get help and change their ways, you know?" she said.

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