Must-See Videos: Sheriff fails DWI test


A violent and disturbing attack was caught on video in Los Angeles.

In the pictures, you see a woman head to an elevator. Seconds later, a robber wearing a hoodie follows. A violent struggle ensues as the man slams the woman on the floor and kicks and punches her several times before taking off with her purse.

Police believe the same man is responsible for three other violent attacks targeting women.


Authorities in Berkeley County, South Carolina say the local sheriff was caught on camera driving under the influence.

In the video, you see his pickup truck pass a police car - nearly swerving off the road.

Officers say Sheriff Wayne Dewitt was driving at 100 miles per hour and almost lost control several times.

When officers finally pulled over the sheriff, the truck suddenly started rolling and the officers are heard yelling for him to put it in park.

Once the officers got Dewitt out of the truck, he was unable to walk a straight line and failed the sobriety test.

He's been charged with DWI and leaving the scene of an accident.


The raging Wallace River has swept away a small house in Washington State.

One moment the house was there - teetering on the edge of an eroding hillside - the next moment it was upside down in the water being carried downstream.

No one was hurt. The river later claimed a nearby building that belonged to a neighbor.

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