Must-See Videos: Erratic driver causes head-on crash

MILWAUKIE, Oregon (WTVD) -- A tornado caught on video, a volcanic eruption, an erratic driver, and a man dancing on top a sheriff's vehicle is all part of ABC11 must-see videos.


We begin with some amazing tornado video out of Colorado.

The video from a storm chaser in Simla, Colorado, which shows a tornado forming near a deserted road Thursday, spewing rain and hail.

Tornados around the state damaged or destroyed five homes but there were no injuries.

More severe weather is possible in that area Friday.


Jaw-dropping video of a spectacular eruption in Mexico is courtesy of the Colima volcano.

It's one of the most active volcanoes in the world right now.

It blew its top early Wednesday morning.


An erratic driver was caught on video along a highway in Ohio.

Watch as the red sedan swerves from one side of the road to the other.

At one point nearly hitting a car head-on, another time the driver runs off the road.

The drama comes to a crashing end with the driver crosses the line again and slams into a pickup truck.

The driver of the truck was sent to the hospital with serious injuries to his legs.

Police said they believed the erratic driver was abusing prescription drugs.


If a man's claims are correct, the town of Cape Coral is now safe from vampires.

Authorities say the 45-year-old is shown on video dancing on the roof of a Lee County Sheriff's deputy patrol vehicle.

The man later told deputies he was performing the dance to keep vampires away.

While it's not clear if that worked, but he did damage the vehicle's roof and windshield wipers.

Deputies said the man was not drunk or on drugs, and had not been diagnosed with any mental health issues at the time.

He was arrested for disturbing the peace, and criminal mischief.

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