Must-See Videos: Rescue off the NC coast


Two people and a dog were rescued from a sailboat after it ran aground off Fort Macon on the North Carolina coast this weekend.

A helicopter from the U.S. Coast Guard was joined by "Pedro" - the tandem-rotor search and rescue helicopter operated by the Marine Corps out of Cherry Point.

As the boat was being overwhelmed by rough seas, one helicopter hoisted up a man with a heart condition. The second helicopter then pulled a woman and a dog out of the water.

All are doing OK.


Rain "flash-freezing" on roads and sidewalks left an icy glaze under feet and tires across much of the northeast on Sunday, causing crashes that claimed at least five lives.

A crash involving 30 to 50 vehicles on Interstate 76 outside Philadelphia killed one person, and two others died in a crash involving multiple vehicles on nearby Interstate 476, police said.

In northeastern Pennsylvania, a man was killed after his car overturned on an icy road and he was thrown from it and hit by a commercial vehicle. In Connecticut, police cited slippery conditions in a crash that killed an 88-year-old woman who struck a utility pole in New Haven.


A driver in Oregon survived being sandwiched by two tractor trailers during a chain reaction crash caused by black ice on the road.

The 27-year-old was part of a 26-car pileup over the weekend on Interstate 84 in Oregon.

After 30 minutes of being trapped inside, the man was freed and managed to walk away with just a bruise and a few scratches.


Molten lava is once again on the move and approaching Pahoa, Hawaii. Right now, the Puna lava flow is advancing on its northern edge.

Officials say it's less than a half mile from a local highway and getting closer to Pahoa's police and fire stations.

So far, it doesn't appear to be an immediate threat, but authorities will be closely watching for any changes.

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