Must-See Videos: Rescues caught on camera, 'ballpark' mishap

A swamp rescue captured on body camera, Coast Guard rescue, steers on the loose, and an epic selfie fail are all part of ABC11 must-see videos.


A rescue in a Louisiana swamp ended up getting recorded by a sheriff's deputy's body camera.

Deputy Donald Aubrey and his partner heard the screams of a woman, clinging to the side of her capsized boat.

She couldn't swim and said she was scared about alligators and snakes in the water.

So, Aubrey jumped into the water to save her.

The other deputy's body camera was recording as Aubrey swam about 80 yards to the woman.

He helped her into a lifejacket, then swam her to the shore.


Another water rescue by the US Coast Guard.

The coast guard team air-lifted a crew member of a cargo ship off the coast of Washington state.

Officials said the 72-year-old man reported chest pains.

The coast guard sent out a helicopter from Port Angeles to the cargo ship and lifted the man to a Seattle hospital.


It was a dangerous scene in Albuquerque, New Mexico as four steer wreak havoc after jumping over their owner's fence.

They eluded capture for hours, rampaging through the streets, even ramming police cars and animal control vans.

One steer even target some people and knocked one woman down. Thankfully, she wasn't seriously hurt.


A "selfie fail" during the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians game was caught on camera Sunday.

A mom tried to snapping a selfie with her little boy, and as she does, his hot dog falls out of the bun.

The mom picked it up, but it was unclear if they boy ate it.

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