Must-See videos: Robbers shoot at store clerk


A convenience store clerk in Broward County, Florida got the scare of his life when two robbers ran into the business with guns blazing.

Luckily, the man was protected by bulletproof glass and was not physically hurt.

The robbers fired continuously for 15 seconds before running off empty handed.


A supermarket in Paris, France was doing renovation work when the construction crew unearthed 200 skeletons buried in the basement.

The area was apparently once part of a hospital cemetery dating back to the 12th Century.

Researchers are trying to date the remains and determine how the men, women, and children died. They speculate they were the victims of some kind of epidemic.


The owners of a cat in Croatia have posted video online of their cat using the family washing machine as a personal mouse wheel.

The kitty jumps into the front-load machine and runs and runs.

The family says it's always worried the cat will jump in unnoticed and get caught in a wash, but that's never happened.

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