Must-See Videos: TV crew caught in tornado

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You can hear the warning siren in the background (WTVD)

A TV news crew in danger, a seal's attempted theft, a big bundle of joy, and curling your hair while driving is all part of the ABC11 must-see videos.


Panic was caught on tape Sunday night when a TV news crew ran for cover as a tornado siren went off in Van, Texas.

The crew was forced to abandon their chase vehicle when the severe weather hit.

Officials said at least two people died.

The county fire marshal said about a third of the town was damaged.


An Oregon surveillance camera caught an attempted crime on video this week.

A harbor seal caused a small scare as it jumped out of the ocean and made its way into a fish market.

Once inside the store, the seal turned around, but then scurried back inside and headed straight to a bag on the floor.

When it realized there was only fruit inside and not fish, the seal was out the door again making a splash back into the harbor.


Isaac Michael Hall entered the world via C-section delivery last Thursday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He was 25-inches long and weighed-in at 13 pounds, 10 ounces.

Mom said many of her friends thought she was having twins.

The doctor who helped deliver Isaac said he might be the biggest baby ever born at West Penn Hospital.


A woman was caught on camera curling her hair while driving down a highway in Canada this past week.

People in a car riding beside the woman shot cell phone video of her in the driver's seat.

It appeared the woman didn't have any hands on the steering wheel as she attempted to do her hair.

Thankfully, as far as we know, she was able to keep the car in its lane and no one was hurt.

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