Must-See Videos: Wheel comes off trailer while on highway

A near disaster caught on camera, a partial eclipse, an ancient discovery and a new fish species named for "Star Wars" character is all part of the ABC11 must-see videos.


A passenger riding in a car on a busy highway in Houston, Texas grabbed his cell phone when he noticed the tire on a trailer wobbling.

Seconds later it comes loose causing the trailer to careen across three lanes of traffic before crashing into a barrier.

Amazingly, the trailer didn't hit another vehicle and no one was hurt.


A partial solar eclipse was recorded in Rome, Italy just before its peak Friday morning.

Solar eclipses happen when the sun, moon and earth are perfectly aligned so that when the moon passes in front of the sun it casts a shadow on the earth.

Today the moon's shadow fell across parts of North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


An Arabic ring was found in a ninth-century Viking grave in Sweden.

It's inscribed with Arabic Kufic writing.

Researchers say the words appear to say something close to "For the approval of Allah."

Scientists say it is the only ring with an Arabic inscription ever found at a Scandinavian archaeological site.

Researchers used a high-tech microscope to confirm the ring's age, and determine it was almost certainly created by an Arabic silversmith.


A previously unknown species of catfish

Its scientific name is Peckoltia greedoi, and it is known for its large, dark eyes, puckered lips and protruding bristles.

But you can call him Greedo, in honor of the bounty hunter from "Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope."

You might remember him from the cantina scene on Mos Eisley, where he was killed by Han Solo while attempting to collect on a debt for Jabba the Hutt.

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