Must-See Videos: Woman buried alive by bear


Video from Russia shows a badly-injured woman found buried in the forest by a bear.

The 55-year-old postal worker was buried up to her armpits by the bear that attacked her Monday.

She was conscious when wildlife officials found her, but is recovering after undergoing surgery.

Authorities had to shoot and kill the 4-year-old female bear when it tried to attack them.

They say the bears just came out of their dens a month ago and are hungry.


The owner of a python says its eyes were bigger than its stomach. The snake had to undergo surgery after swallowing barbecue tongs!

In an x-ray, you clearly can see the tongs stuck in the reptile's belly.

His owner says he was trying to feed "Winston" a rat using the tongs when it swallowed both of the items entirely.

Winston received seven stitches and is recovering.


Beachgoers on New Zealand's South Island say a giant squid that washed up on shore was more than 16 feet in length.

The mantle itself was over 6.6 feet long and its eye more than 3 inches wide!

Marine experts are describing the beast as "massive."

It's now at an aquarium inside a display freezer. Scientists aren't sure how it died.

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