Possible human remains found in California may be linked to missing NCSU student

OAKLAND, Calif. (WTVD) -- Investigators may have found human remains on Thursday while chasing a possible new lead in the disappearance of a North Carolina State student.

Kristen Modafferi went missing nearly 20 years ago, when she rented a house for the summer in Oakland, California. She was attending U.C. Berkeley at the time of her disappearance in 1997.

Our sister station in San Francisco reported a cadaver dog detected the scent of human remains at that same home Modafferi once lived in.

Modafferi was 18 years old when she vanished.

A private investigator returned to the home with his cadaver dog on Thursday and found the scent near a vent and drain.

Oakland Police told ABC7 News they are sending a crime scene technician to go over the area.

Police are not declaring it a crime scene yet, and said they were at the home in 1997 when she vanished and didn't find anything.

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