Police looking for 3 suspects in Raleigh home invasion

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Raleigh Police are searching for three suspects, two men and a woman, after they held-up a woman at gunpoint. The armed robbery happened Friday night around 6:00 at the Olde Raleigh Apartments off of Duraleigh Road.

Victim Kim Wallace spoke with ABC11 about the terrifying experience.

"When they actually came in, I was thinking they were going to kill me," she said. "He had the gun, and I felt the gun to my head."

Wallace said the armed robbery started with a knock at her door. A woman asked for help, saying her car was overheating and she needed cool water.

"I was a little concerned, but again, I know that there are young girls that live in this building, so I was afraid that it was maybe legitimate," she said. "I shut the door, went and got the water, came back to hand her the water jug, and a guy came from the side of the door with a gun and a mask on his head and threw me down."

"I just laid there and prayed," said Wallace.

The armed robbers ransacked Wallace's 21-year-old son's bedroom

"I heard them moving through all the boxes, all the dressers," she said.

Wallace said the men were there all of five minutes and got away with her purse. Her social security card, debit card, and checkbook were taken.

On Saturday morning, someone tried to cash one of those checks for $800. Wallace said she received a notification that the person was trying to complete the transaction at the Wood Forest Bank inside Walmart on Route 401. Thankfully, an alert clerk knew Wallace and refused to hand over money.

Wallace never got a look at the men's faces since they were wearing masks, but she remembered the decoy who knocked at her door. Wallace said she was short and young, maybe 20 years old.

"She's light skinned and had box dreads and some acne on her face," said Wallace.

Police were able to grab some fingerprints. It's part of what Wallace has to clean up now after the traumatizing robbery.

"I'm scared. I've contacted my apartment complex, who I have faith in they're going to help find another apartment, because I'm not comfortable living here honestly," said Wallace.

Police said the men took off in a light-colored sedan. Anyone with information is asked to call investigators at (919) 996-3335.

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