Rain doesn't dampen the Veterans Day parade in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A steady rain, at times heavy, fell on Veterans Day parade watchers and participants in Raleigh on Saturday morning.

But those showers couldn't keep supporters like Russell Catania away. He watched those in uniform pass by the Raleigh Eyewitness News center, some without rain gear or umbrellas.

"Well, if they can come out and walk in this, I can come out and stand underneath an awning, and clap for them," Catania explained.

That awning he mentioned is the overhead sign outside our Raleigh bureau, studio, and newsroom on Fayetteville Street, where we also met parade watcher Pam Debnam.

"I'm faithful and thankful for all of the veterans who are still out there, doing what they did for us," Debnam said.

"Considering what the true military goes through on a basis of Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam, and everywhere else, this is a nice day," Catania echoed.

Still, the available shelter under our Eyewitness News update sign was definitely appreciated by Debnam, whose family gathered there to avoid those raindrops.

"We sure did! Actually, my husband found it, and he was about to bail out," Debnam said. "But we decided no, we're gonna hang in here."

The weather posed no problems for Fayetteville's parade, an important event for one of the nation's most military friendly cities.

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