Raleigh citizens unnerved by Coyote sighting

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Visitors that frequent a popular west Raleigh park are uneasy after a man reported being surrounded by coyotes.

Raleigh police received a 911 call on July 1 from a nearby resident who was walking his dog at Schenck Forest around 6:30 p.m. when he noticed his boxer acting unusual.

The man told police he spotted a trio of coyotes surrounding them and ran to an elevated grate before calling for help.

When officers responded, police said the coyotes flanked the group until they were out of the woods.

While coyote sightings in North Carolina are common, wildlife experts say aggressive behavior is not.

"We've not had a provoked attack recorded in North Carolina. In most instances, if an animal is cornered or threatened, they're going to act in a defensive way." said Geoff Cantrell, NC Wildlife Resources Commission spokesperson. "No real cause for alarm, but be aware when you do see something that's out of the ordinary,"

Cantrell said coyotes typically raise their young during the summer months but often keep to themselves.

People who frequent the park said the recent encounter is unnerving.

"Pretty much I think they leave people alone. They kind of run away when I've been pretty close to them, but it is in the back of my mind absolutely," said runner Will Miller.

"I love running, and I'd probably run a little bit faster," jokes runner Zach Parker.

Animal control officials should always be notified if wildlife is seen behaving unusually or in an aggressive manner.

In Raleigh, animal control resources can be contacted at (919) 831-6311.

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