Raleigh family without air conditioning gets new unit

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The air conditioning is back on in one North Raleigh home and a mother is giving ABC11 the credit for helping her out.

We first introduced you to Jennifer Fernandez and her young children Tuesday night. The family had been miserable inside their hot and stuffy apartment for weeks.

Fernandez's 1-year-old was crying and soaked in sweat. A 4-year-old boy was lethargically lying on the bed trying to cope with the heat, as Fernandez was doing all she could to ease boiling frustrations.

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ABC11 viewers wasted no time offering help to this family, who say they have been fighting with the landlord to get the A/C fixed. Viewers wrote in to ABC11 offering to buy an A/C window unit or pick up the tab for a hotel stay.

"I've never experienced something like this. It was so beautiful. So many people reaching out," said Fernandez.

Fernandez didn't have to take any of the generous offers, because after our story aired, she got great news.

"They took out the old one [unit] and put a brand new one," she said.

Her broken A/C unit was replaced and put online Wednesday morning. It ends a two-week stretch without cool air in the home.

"You couldn't breathe," said Fernandez. "It was a horrible, horrible two weeks in here and now, your car made a difference, because all they needed to see was ABC News here."

Fernandez's baby is doing better. Her older son is running around, smiling, and playing with his toys again.

Fernandez is particularly concerned about the 4-year-old, though, whose asthma kicked up when the A/C kicked off. He was gasping for air at times and relying on a nebulizer to breathe. Fernandez picked up a bunch of new medication for him Wednesday and is heading to the doctor for some testing next week.

"It's not a joke when it comes to people's health and the heat. Because if it is really hot outside and you have kids, I don't think it's fair to them," said Fernandez.

The A/C is back on at the Fernandez household, but there are other residents at the Casa de Luna apartment complex who tell ABC11 they are still waiting.

The complex property manager spoke with ABC11 off-camera. The property manager says crews are working to resolve the issues.

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