Rash of burglaries have northern Durham County residents on edge

DURHAM (WTVD) -- The Durham County Sheriff's office is investigating a rash of home break-ins in the area north of Mason Road. Five of them happened Thursday night.

It's how the burglars are choosing their targets that has many neighbors on edge.

"I'm afraid it will escalate because they're pretty violent in how they break the doors," said Donna Hassey, who described the way burglars busted into her late father-in-law's home as bold.

On the Saturday before Christmas, the burglars pulled up to the Kenwood Acres house at dusk. They took a TV and some jewelry before driving off.

It wasn't the only home targeted in the Kenwood Acres neighborhood. Residents quickly took to the neighborhood's online forum to alert others about the thieves.

"They drive around the block. They let off someone -- one or two people -- and then they go and access the house and then they drive back around the block, pop the trunk, throw the stuff in the trunk and either go back in the house or jump in the car and ride away," said resident Liz Dean.

Over the past two weeks, several neighbors have reported nearly a dozen similar break-ins. Many of them reported seeing a gray Buick casing the area.

The Durham County Sheriff's Office is now investigating and warning people in the area to be on alert especially when their neighbors are away.

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