Searing heat ruins produce at Farmers Market

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- By 11 a.m. Thursday morning, a pile was growing outside of one stand at the N.C. Farmers Market. Vendors have been tossing out produce destroyed by the heat.

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"The cantaloupes go bad really quick because of the heat," explained worker Mikayla McLame.

Cantaloupes, as well as tomatoes and squash, were are being thrown out.

McLame said so much is being tossed, she ran out of buckets.

Not only are vendors tossing out produce, which took months to grow and harvest, but foot traffic is also down right now at the Farmers Market.

"Once the heat index goes up, the customers go down," said vendor Gail Rowell, who might see a total of 10 customers all day. "Once we get up in the double digits or even close to it, it slows down business ... we stay here hoping. If they come in, we're here for them."

Meanwhile, Raleigh officials are making adjustment to all city-run summer camps.

There are 25 camps throughout the City of Oaks and 3,000 children are enrolled.

Camp counselors are allowing children to playing outside, but only until 10:30 in the morning. After that, activities have been moved indoors.

Counselors are keeping a very close eye right now on camp-goers and say kids will overexert themselves without even realizing it.

"When they're in the middle of an activity, they're not thinking about that. They want to have fun with their friends, so we're stopping more frequently and saying 'OK, it's water-break time' and we're making sure every kids has that opportunity to get water," said Raleigh Recreation Program Manager Joseph Vasco.

So far, officials said there have been no incidents or emergencies at any of the camps.
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