Some Wake Forest residents say tap water is making them sick

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Some residents in Wake Forest believe drinking their water made them sick.

Some residents in Wake Forest believe their water made them sick.

It comes after some homeowners in the Austin Creek development received letters about a boil water advisory being lifted, but they say it was too little too late because they never got the first notice about a potential problem.

Now, some residents wonder if the recent work on water lines is causing people to get sick.

"I didn't know if it was a coincidence, or related to that," said resident Deborah Boysen.

Boysen said she has been under the weather since the beginning of the week, and she's not the only one. People have been taking to a "Wake Forest community" page on Facebook to share their common concerns.

Some have even complained that their dogs got sick after drinking tap water in their bowls.

Sara Thomas said her one-year-old son, Ellinson, was violently ill. She usually mixes tap water with the baby's powder formula.

"I thought maybe he had a bug, but then I saw on Facebook about the no boil ban," said Thomas. "I was like hmmm."

Around the same time people said they started seeing symptoms, the City of Raleigh fixed a water main break and replaced a valve.

Water boil advisories were issued where that work was done. The city says it was upkeep.

"A lot of infrastructure underground we've got to maintain," said Raleigh Water Plants Superintendent Ken Best, who said a clean water supply is not in danger. "When it was done, we flushed, took samples, and everything was fine."

Still apprehensive, Thomas and Boysen plan to just boil tap water and drink bottled whenever they want water.

"I drink a lot of water anyway," said Boysen. "So, I'm just trying to stick with bottle water, which isn't something I do, to see if I feel any different, or if I'm feeling better."

Thomas said she has just started using a premixed formula and her baby is doing much better.

The city says they can send lab analysts out to the area to do a water test to reassure residents' fears.

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