VIDEO: Arsonist sets self on fire, loses shoe while running out flames

MADISONVILLE, Ky. -- An arsonist targeting a new barbershop in Kentucky ended up setting himself on fire in the process as surveillance video captured the entire incident.

Madisonville police said two arsonists in a white Ford minivan targeted the business Sunday morning.

The camera first captured a woman shattering a window at the back of the barbershop before a man emerged from the minivan with a lit Molotov cocktail.

After tossing the flaming bottle through the broken window, the man grabbed a second Molotov cocktail.

But when the suspect tossed the second Molotov cocktail toward the window, he missed and the liquid splashed back, catching him on fire.

The suspect's side erupted in flames as he took off sprinting across the parking lot.

In an attempt to put the fire out, the suspect slides through the grass and out of view of the camera.

Moments later, the man returned back into frame, but this time, he was missing a shoe.

The man was spotted on camera kicking off a burning sock, which continued to smolder as he made his way back toward the van.

Instead of fleeing the scene, the suspect grabbed another bottle of accelerant and poured it out by the barbershop's back door.

The man and woman then fled the scene in the minivan. Madisonville police released the video hoping someone would be able to identify the suspects.
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