Wake County schools roll out new texting 'SchoolMessenger' feature

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WAKE COUNTY, North Carolina -- Wake County schools are introducing a new 'SchoolMessenger' feature that will notify parents about school events through text messages, the News & Observer reports.

The district's 'SchoolMessenger' notification system has been in place for several years.

Parents used to be notified by automated phone messages, now they can also receive updates through text messages or emails.

Parent will get a text message asking if they want to opt-in to get future messages.

Parents need to reply "yes" to the message or text "yes" to 6 7 5 8 7.

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The district said they will not pay for any charges that are incurred by parents for sending or receiving messages. Parents should check with their cell phone providers before answering the message.

Users will be able to customize the type of messages they want to receive by going to the system's website and creating an account or by downloading the InfoCenter app to their iPhone or Android.

School officials said they'll eventually use the system to email documents such as bus route information.

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